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Northern Samar

W4W Philippines visits one of its first local couriers.


Meet Dandoy Tongco, a well known local surfer in Northern Samar and one of Waves for Water Philippines’ first couriers.


Almost 10 years ago, Super Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan) wreaked havoc in the Philippines and it devastated the lives of thousands of Filipinos. Access to clean drinking water has been one of the many challenges during that time as many natural water sources have been damaged by the super typhoon. 


Dandoy’s local connections as a local surfer helped W4W Philippines to reach those who are in need of clean drinking water after the onslaught of ST Yolanda.

This visit to Dandoy is not just an act of gratitude for his volunteerism during the ST Yolanda response but also a way to reconnect and align our common initiative to reach  and help more communities in the Philippines in the years to come while doing what we love.

With your support, and in the spirit of bayanihanwe'll be able to do more.

For every PHP 50 donated, one Filipino will be provided clean water access.

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