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Get involved

Do what you love and help along the way, Waves for Water's motto rings true for #passtheglass.
Here's how you can help!


Spread the Word


Join the #passtheglass challenge on Instagram to raise awareness and generate much-needed conversations on the ongoing water crisis. 

Simply post a photo or video of yourself passing a glass with the hashtag #passtheglass, and share in the caption why you’re supporting the cause for clean water. For every single #PassTheGlass post on Instagram, one Filipino will be provided clean water access.

Jump in on the action


Are you an individual, group of friends or organization joining in on the action? 

PHP 50 can provide one person with clean water access for 5 years*. Drop us a message if you want to take your impact a step further, or head straight to our donation button below! 


*Filter capacity is a million gallons lasting over 5 years if properly maintained. Each filter can easily provide continuous clean water access to 50 people, and up to 100 in disaster settings. 

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