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Palawan Island

While analyzing the health data of Brgy. Pinaglabanan, he discovered that most of the admitted health cases were gastrointestinal-related. He found out that the households had a difficult time accessing safe water sources due to remoteness of their location. This made villagers settle for drinking any water they could find whether it was contaminated or not.

Partnering with Waves for Water, Doc Mike along with the help of all the barangay health workers and volunteers implemented clean water systems and conducted hygiene education.

“The reason we’re doing this project is to improve the quality of life of our brothers and sisters from the mountains. Improving the quality of water lessens their chances of hospitalization, and protects them from additional expenses and use of already limited resources."

— Dr. Mike

To this day, Dr. Mike still continues to work on improving the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) situation of other barangays to make sure no one gets left behind. 

With your support, and in the spirit of bayanihanwe'll be able to do more.

For every PHP 50 donated, one Filipino will be provided clean water access.

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