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Oriental Mindoro

Monitoring results, strengthening efforts


Documentary and community photographer Jacob Maentz who hails from Cebu has been traveling across the country for over 10 years to visit and document different indigenous communities for his personal initiative called Project Katutubo.


As he travel from one community to another, he has witnessed the many problems being encountered by the indigenous peoples of the country - one of which is the need to clean drinking water.

“In these communities, many water sources look clean but it’s no longer safe for drinking water.”

— Jacob

This prompted Jacob to collaborate with Waves for Water Philippines which started in 2013. Since then, he has brought a couple of water filters with him to some of the communities he visits. One of these is a small riverside Mangyan community tucked in the mountains in Oriental Mindoro.


We went back this time to check on the filters and conduct monitoring and evaluation as this process strengthens all our efforts as we make sure the impact we provide the communities we help.

With your support, and in the spirit of bayanihanwe'll be able to do more.

For every PHP 50 donated, one Filipino will be provided clean water access.

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